Dr. Marcelle Crinean, Therapist, Coach & Wellbeing Warrior

Dr. Marcelle Crinean


Marcelle is a highly respected and transformational therapist, coach & lecturer, helping busy people overcome stress, anxiety, sleep issues, depression, addiction and disordered eating.

Alongside her busy client practice, Marcelle trains business executives across the UK and Europe in the art of sleep and stress management. She also delivers CPDs on ‘stress in the workplace’ and ‘the neuroscience of obesity’ to other therapists as well as healthcare, fitness and nutrition professionals.

Marcelle is a regular contributor to magazines and podcasts on the topics of mental well-being, stress, sleep and weight-loss, and appears regularly on EatMoveBeHealthy YouTube channel.

She was also selected by Brainz Magazine (2021) as one of “500 Companies and Influential Leaders recognised for their entrepreneurial success, achievements and dedication to helping others”

Marcelle’s mission is simple: to positively impact and improve the quality of life of everyone she works with

Uniquely qualified to help

Marcelle is an accredited solution focused clinical hypnotherapist & psychotherapist. She is also a certified eating psychology coach (one of only a handful in the UK) and lecturer. Additionally, Marcelle holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology – specifically in how the brain processes language.

This level and breadth of knowledge enables her to bring a unique neuro-psychological understanding of how language and thought impacts our mental well-being and quality of life.

Marcelle is trained in a number of psychotherapeutic methods, which enables her to tailor every program to each client’s needs, whatever their issues. She uses as wide a range of techniques as appropriate to effect positive change as quickly as possible.

“Our brains believe everything we tell it – so we have to learn to speak to it differently”

How it all began

A Potted History

Marcelle’s lifelong obsession with our brains, and how language affects happiness and quality of life, started at 11 years old, when she saw her beloved grandmother unable to communicate after a stroke, and consequently struggling with depression and anxiety. This led Marcelle to study, in-depth, how the brain processes language and thought, ultimately gaining her Doctorate.

In 2002, Marcelle’s life took a turn (as it often does!); she left academia to work in the IT industry and held many senior positions, working with FTSE 100 companies to better understand customer behaviour.

An illness caused Marcelle to re-think her ‘life plans’ when, ironically, she recognised that work stress was causing her own quality of life to deteriorate. She left the corporate world, retrained as a therapist & coach, and the rest they say – is history!

Highest Standards

Marcelle is committed to the highest standards, adheres to a code of professional conduct, attends regular supervision and CPDs, and updates her skills regularly. She also holds an Advanced DBS check to give you additional peace of mind when she is working with children or vulnerable adults.

Marcelle is registered with the following professional bodies, which means she is fully qualified and fully insured to practise.