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Why Do We Feel Overwhelmed?

What Causes Overwhelm and How to Prevent It. How has your week been? Has it felt stressful? Did it seem like your to-do list was never-ending? Perhaps you feel as though you’ve been hit by...
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A Foolproof Formula for Partners with Conflicting Sleep Habits

I don’t know about you, but I’m somewhere between a night owl and a morning lark. I’d love to be one of these super humans who wakes up full of energy at 5am every morning...
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5 Habits of Highly Self-Disciplined People

Willpower versus Self-Discipline We often talk about having the ‘willpower’ (or not!) to keep us focused on a weight-loss goal, but when it comes to achieving other goals, such as fitness or business-related goals, we...
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Beat the Christmas Bulge

Christmas. The season to be jolly and full of good cheer. And the time of year where, on average, we consume between 6000 and 7000 calories on the 25th December alone, and gain between 1kg...
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Laughter: The Key to a Happier You

Laugh More. Worry Less. A little while ago I read a woman’s magazine article that was headed “Laughing with friends until the Prosecco bubbles shoot out of your nostrils is one of life’s pleasures”. Not...
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Too hot to sleep?

Cool tips to help you sleep better Too hot to sleep? Everyone seems to be struggling with sleeping in this uncharacteristic heat we’re having at the moment. And whilst getting our Vitamin D ‘fix’ from...
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