Get the help and support you need, at a time, place and budget that suits you…

Take back control of your life

There’s no excuse … with my courses, you get all the powerful and highly effective science-backed strategies I use in my one-to-one sessions – but at a time and place that suits you, your life, and your needs.

Each course is delivered online through a series of videos (plus additional workbooks, handouts and other resources) for you to work through and complete in your own time.

With lifetime access to the content, you can work at a pace that feels comfortable for you, enabling you to create sustainable, positive change and feel in control of you and your life.

“It’s time to take back control. If not now … then when?”

Available Courses Coming Soon

Marcelle is creating a number of specialist online courses so that more people can access and benefit from her expertise and knowledge based on their own needs, circumstances, time and budget.


Sleep Mastery Secrets

Sleep Mastery Secrets

  • Struggle to get to sleep, stay asleep or wake up tired?
  • No time to sleep – too much to do!?
  • Had insomnia for years?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this is the course for you.

The StressBuster!

The StressBuster!

  • Want less stress in your life?
  • Need less stress for the sake of your health?
  • Can’t even think how to improve your situation because of the stress you’re under?!

This ‘stressbusting’ programme gives you the tools you need to manage your stress.

The WeightBuster!

The WeightBuster!

  • Fed up with diets and misleading promises?
  • Frustrated – almost to the point of despair -that you can’t ever seem to finally lose that weight and keep it off?
  • Feel out of control around food?

The WeightBuster will help you kick the diet mentality, gain ‘food freedom’ and eat like a ‘normal’ person – maybe for the first time.

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